Learn How To Ace Your Audition with the vocal coaches from American Idol

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This transformative weekend workshop gives you the tools you need to deliver your absolute best singing audition possible. You'll have a significant advantage over the competition with these insider secrets and professional training techniques brought to you by two industry professionals with decades of combined experience in the business.

Your cutting-edge training will cover more than just how to audition or how to sing but truly how to perform like a STAR!!

Workshop enrollment is limited to a small number of people and is available at all levels from beginners all the way to professional. You will get personal attention.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in this breakthrough weekend:

  • Vocal technique - How to find your unique voice
  • Strategies for overcoming singing challenges
  • Building unshakable confidence
  • Proper microphone technique
  • How to use breath control to sustain larger notes
  • Choosing your optimum key on each song
  • Working with an accompanist and selecting the right material and the right arrangement of your song for your audition
  • How to create a star-quality image
  • Learning to address the "people" in the room, including the accompanist

In short, you'll learn all of the skills needed to ace your singing audition. Each workshop is specially designed to progress you towards your goal of performing like a star and landing the part of your dream.

You will be guided by an extraordinary team of starmakers

Peisha McPhee & Michael Orland, vocal coaches for American Idol, are two of the most sought-after and respected vocal coaches in the industry. They have provided singing lessons and how-to-audition coaching to all types of singers, actors, and recording artists. Their students have gone on to perform on Broadway, star in blockbuster films and top-rated television shows, and WIN American Idol.