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Ace Your Audition Questions

Audition Evaluation Questions

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Ace Your Audition Questions

Q. What is in the How To Ace Your Audition course? Where do I start?
A. The How To Ace Your Audition course is divided into a number of lessons.

The main part of the course is the How To Ace Your Audition Video and contains information on:

  • Secrets for how to ace your audition
  • Vocal Technique- How to find your unique voice
  • Mental Technique
  • Preparation Techniques – learn to avoid the mistakes that kill an audition
  • Singing Style
  • Performance Tips
  • Pro-pointers for handling mistakes during your audition
  • and much more

Accompanying the How To Ace Your Audition Video Package is a bonus video "Pro Vocal Exercises" that covers:

  • Vocal Warm-ups
  • Strengthening Exercises
  • Range Extension Exercises
  • Interval Training Exercises
  • Relaxation Exercise

The Bonus Material also contains two bonus audio lessons to the How To Ace Your Audition course. It contains:

  • Three Secrets for Building Unshakable Confidence
  • Unique Song Selection - 3 Keys to Choosing the Right Song for Your Audition 

Q. Is ACE YOUR AUDITION just for beginners, or can anyone benefit from the program?
A. The lessons are designed to benefit all singers. Whether you are a complete beginner or a true professional, these lessons will take your skills to the next level.

Q. Can I get ACE YOUR AUDITION as a hard copy DVD? 

A. No. ACE YOUR AUDITION is available as an online course only. As an e-course, you can watch the ACE YOUR AUDITION videos from your computer and start learning inside secrets right away!

Q. Can these lessons benefit a teenager or pre-teen?

A. ACE YOUR AUDITION has been developed with the idea that children eight-years-old and above can start learning to sing and audition with excellence. The course gives people of all ages an easy way to learn vocal exercises and audition techniques.  

Q. How much does ACE YOUR AUDITION cost, and how do I get it? 

A. ACE YOUR AUDITION is available as an online course, which costs $49.99 USD for lifetime unlimited access to the six-part series, plus bonus PRO VOCAL EXERCISES!

Q. How do I login and access the ACE YOUR AUDITION course? 

A. When you purchase the program you are automatically redirected to a page with all the ACE YOUR AUDITION videos and bonus PRO VOCAL EXERCISES. You will also see MEMBER HOME on the upper right side of the page. Anytime you logout and re-login, you will be able to access ACE YOUR AUDITION from a drop down menu underneath MEMBER HOME by clicking on it.  

Q. Can I access ACE YOUR AUDITION videos from more than one computer? 

A. Yes. When you purchase ACE YOUR AUDITION, you will create a login with username and password. Keep that information handy – it’s how you’ll login from another computer or device. Simply login in the upper right hand corner of the page, and access ACE YOUR AUDITION from the drop down menu under MEMBER HOME.

Audition Evaluation Questions

A. Starmakers Michael & Peisha, who’ve evaluated 1,000s of auditions for Broadway shows, American Idol, Disney, Nickelodeon, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and X-Factor will personally evaluate your all aspects of a performance you are planning to give at an upcoming audition. Simply submit a video or audio recording of yourself performing your song (max length 90 seconds), and they will give you their frank, professional feedback.

Q. Do Michael & Peisha evaluate all the audition clips themselves?
A. Yes, Michael & Peisha watch every clip submitted and will send you their personal feedback directly here at Find Your Unique Voice.

Q: Do I need to submit a pro-quality clip?
A: No, the recording does not have to be pro quality or edited, feel free to send video shot on a mobile phone, flip cam, etc.  Michael & Peisha are evaluating your audition not your filmmaking skills!  They prefer videos so they can evaluate all aspects of your performance, but audio files are fine too.

Q. What happens once I purchase an AUDITION EVALUATION?
A. Once you purchase an AUDITION EVALUATION, you will be redirected to an upload page that includes a few fields to check off so that Michael and Peisha can learn more about you as a performer and what you are auditioning for. You will then upload your audio or video clip (not to exceed 64 MB; video formats including .mp4, .mpg, .mov, .flv, .m4v., .avi and audio formats including .mp3, .wav.). Once your file has finished uploading, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form to finish your submission! Please note that you can either upload your video or audio clip at the time of purchase OR opt to upload your clip later (scroll down for more details on this). Also, please note that you can upload only one clip at a time.

IMPORTANT:  Currently you may only purchase one AUDITION EVALUATION every two weeks after your previous package has expired.

Q: What if I decide to upload my clip at a later time?
A: You have two weeks from the date of purchase to upload your clip.  Simply log in (through LOG IN at top right) and you will see a MEMBER HOME menu.  Click on AUDITION UPLOAD via the dropdown to upload your clip.

Q: Is there a time limit for me to submit my clip for evaluation?
A: YES, you have two weeks upload access. Be mindful of the timeline, as if you fail to upload within that specified time period, you will not receive your evaluation!

Q: What formats can I upload?
A: Video formats: .mp4, .mov, .flv, .m4v., .avi  // Audio formats: .mp3, .wav.  Remember, the upload limit is 64 MB.

Q: What if my clip is not uploading?
A: Check to make sure the name of your file has no spaces or punctuation.  BAD FILE NAME: my#song, Dec 6.flv.  Change to: my_song_dec_6.flv.  Also make sure it's under 64 MBs and a file format that we support.

Q. How do I receive my AUDITION EVALUATION feedback?
A. You will get a notification via the email you signed up with when your feedback is ready.  You will then return to the site, log in at top (LOG IN) and then the MEMBER HOME PAGE will appear.  Click on AUDITION FEEDBACK and you will be able to access your feedback via our personal message system there.
NOTE: You will not be able to respond or reply.  You are purchasing a one-time evaluation.

Q: When will I get my AUDITION EVALUATION feedback?
A: Feedback will be sent within 48 hours of your submission date. Peisha & Michael will send feedback responses to submissions in the order received Monday through Friday, up to 10 submissions daily.  If they receive over that amount or a submission is sent on a weekend, it will roll over to the next business day. If they receive more submissions than they have time to reasonably evaluate given their work schedules, AUDITION EVALUATIONS will be closed until feedback is sent to performers who are waiting.

Q: Can I get my AUDITION EVALUATION faster than 48 hours?
A: Select RUSH SERVICE for only $10 more and they will get you feedback within 24 hours.  Or feel free to CONTACT US directly, and we can let you know if Michael & Peisha are available to accommodate your AUDITION EVALUATION request!

Q. Can I access my AUDITION EVALUATION from more than one computer?
A. Yes. When you purchase your AUDITION EVALUATION, you will create a login with username and password. Once you've been notified your feedback is ready, simply login to the site from any device and click AUDITION EVALUATION from the top drop down menu under MEMBER HOME.

Payment Info

Q. What are the payment methods?
A. FindYourUniqueVoice.com uses PayPal for all payments. You can either pay by your PayPal account if you have one or with a credit card. If you are using a credit card, you do not need to sign-up for a PayPal account – you will just go through PayPal as a guest in order to use your credit card to purchase your product(s).  You will receive an email containing your purchase details for your records after your purchase has been completed.  You may also view records of your past purchases and review package expiration dates in your Member Account Details page. 

Q. I can't see my question answered here.
A.  Contact us