ae-logo-300Are you a performer with an upcoming audition? Want to get feedback directly from American Idol's vocal coaches about your performance? Then order an Audition Evaluation today! Peisha & Michael have evaluated 1000's of auditions for Broadway shows, American Idol, Disney, Nickelodeon, America's Got Talent, The Voice & X-Factor.  Now they're ready to share their combined decades of experience with performers of all levels. Whether you're an emerging young artist or seasoned vocalist, you only get one shot at an audition.  Make it count!

$29992 Week Upload Access
Feedback in 48 Hours*
How Audition Evaluation Works

Simply submit a video or audio recording of yourself performing your audition song (max length 90 secs).  The recording does not have to be pro quality or edited, use any device you want (mobile phone, flipcam, etc). Michael & Peisha prefer videos so they can evaluate all aspects of your performance, but audio files are fine too. We accept media in virtually any file format. (See our FAQ for more info).

Within 48 hours* you will receive personalized feedback directly from Peisha & Michael giving you a professional critique of your audition submission & offering specific suggestions on how to make your upcoming audition the very best it can be.  Have a last minute audition you need help with?  Order RUSH SERVICE for only $10 more and we'll get you feedback within 24 hours!

Personal feedback from world class vocal coaches

For every Audition Evalution, the feedback from Peisha & Michael will include:

Evaluation of Your Vocals:

  • Detecting pitch accuracy (if you're in key)
  • Diction and articulation
  • Vocal quality of tone
  • Use of breath control

Evaluation of Your Audition Choices:

  • Song Choice
  • Arrangement

Evaluation of Your Overall Presence (videos only):

  • Appearance
  • Eye Contact
  • Stage Presence
Turnaround Time

Feedback will be sent within 48 hours of your submission date.*  If you need it within 24 hours, order RUSH SERVICE or contact us!

$29992 Week Upload Access
Feedback in 48 Hours*